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Picture In Picture Effect is a great tutorial for inserting a smaller movie into your main, larger movie.

This is a great way to begin understand Tracks in QuickTime 5 and how to edit and modify them.

You'll also work with adjusting the size of tracks and modifying their position.

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Hiding Your Movies

Sound-only movie? Don't want to bother having the QuickTime player displayed? NO problem!

QuickTime | HTML

Slide Show

This is a great feature that lets you create slide shows of your images in QuickTime.

QuickTime | HTML

Disabling "Save As Movie.."

Want a little more protection for your QuickTime movies? Learn how to disable the "Save As Movie..." feature.

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Display QuickTime Movie Controller Correctly

Embedding your Quicktime movie in an HTML page? Make sure the controller displays correctly.

QuickTime | HTML

Adding Tracks (Equal Length)

Combine separate audio and video or video/video tracks in Quicktime.

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Picture In Picture Effect

This is a fun little trick inspired by TV. You can create a smaller movie that plays inside your main movie.

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All of our training movies use QuickTime.

You will need Version 5 or higher to view the movies correctly.

We use QuickTime for several reasons. Namely, the incredible compression ratios we get allow us to present high quality, streaming movies over even the slowest connections.

QuickTime is cross-platform and has the coolest interface of the viewers. OK, that's not a real reason, but it is true:)

QuickTime is available FREE for both Mac and PC.



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