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Working with Aliases. Aliases are shortcuts that point to an original item. Generally, used for application programs, aliases can be for any type of item such as folders, images, documents, and more.

Why do people use aliases? A common way is for applications.

Aliases are not programs or even copies of programs. They are a shortucts to the original program. Use aliases with the Launcher for faster access to your programs.

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Application Switcher

Application Switcher

Toggle between applications quickly using the Application Switcher.

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Using the Launcher

Using the Launcher

Create your own custom categories and items in the Launcher.

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Custom Icons

Custom Desktop Icons

Replace the default desktop icons with your own custom images or graphics.

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Pop Up Wndows

Pop-Up Windows

Organize your Desktop folders with pop-up windows.

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Apple Menu Items

Apple Menu Items

Add your own items and folders to the Apple Menu.

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Working With Aliases

Working with Aliases

Learn to create and use aliases for quicker file access.

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All of our training movies use QuickTime.

You will need Version 5 or higher to view the movies correctly.

We use QuickTime for several reasons. Namely, the incredible compression ratios we get allow us to present high quality, streaming movies over even the slowest connections.

QuickTime is cross-platform and has the coolest interface of the viewers. OK, that's not a real reason, but it is true:)

QuickTime is available FREE for both Mac and PC.



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