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Flash 5 Tutorial Video CD


Interested in learning Flash?

Flash 5: Video Tutorial Training CD-ROM

23 Flash Tutorials in QuickTime Video format
3 Hours of video instruction
4 Bonus Movies not available in web based training format on our site
The original QuickTime videos
CD Quality Audio & Frame Rates up 20 FPS
Fully Indexed

These movies are the same Flash tutorial content currently available for free on the web site, but the video quality is clearly better than the streaming, web-compressed format we have online with Frame Rates up to 20 TIMES FASTER and CD-ROM QUALITY AUDIO.

Version: Flash 5
Platform: Mac OS9/Windows 98,2k, ME, XP
Running Time: 3 hours
Format: QuickTime® Video
Price: $24.95





BONUS MOVIES Not available on our website:

Tell Target & With Actions
Great tutorial on using Tell Target/With to create advanced animations and disjointed rollovers for interface effects. Learn to assign multiple Tell Target actions to create interactive buttons!

Fly-Out Animated Menu Part 2
Our most popular tutorial has just gone to the next level! You'll learn how to assign the appropriate ActionScript to direct your Animated, Fly-Out menu to navigate across your Movie Scenes! A great Tutorial!

Dynamic Text & Set Variable Part 1
In this first of 2 lessons on using Dynamic Text and Set Variables, you'll learn to create disjointed text rollovers using ActionScript. The benefit to this is faster performance and reduced file size than creating movie clips and using Tell Target/With actions.

Dynamic Text & Set Variable Part 2
Building on the first lesson, you'll learn to create a frame action that loads dynamic text as well as using Set Variable to target multiple Dynamic Text boxes!

With our multimedia tutorials you'll learn the tricks and techniques professional designers use including:

  • Load Movie
  • Changing Color of Movie Clips
  • Pop-Up Windows
  • Tell Target
  • Dynamic Text I
  • Dynamic Text II
  • Mouse.Hide to Create Custom Mouse Cursors
  • Flash-Dreamweaver: Navigating Framesets
  • 3D Text Rotation
  • Looping Background
  • Animated Fly-Out Menu I
  • Animated Fly-Out Menu II
  • Tweening & Animating Buttons
  • Advanced-Animated Buttons
  • Creating Wipes & Transitions
  • Animated Masks
  • Multiple, Animated Masks
  • Motion Guides
  • Drop Shadows
  • Image Maps
  • Timeline Preferences
  • Customizing Flash 5
  • Creating Square Ends

Best of all, it's affordable!

You get all 23 QuickTime™ movies totaling 3 hours for only $24.95


About the author:

David Anderson has been designing web based training and multimedia learning content since 1996.
A former tennis instructor, David now enjoys sharing his knowledge and love for teaching by assisting others in graphic, web and multimedia design through both web based training and classroom training.

David's casual teaching style, combined with his emphasis on real-world, project-based training, means you'll quickly learn techniques and skills you can immediately apply to your own projects.

Adobe Community Expert




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