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PowerPoint: How to Create a Polaroid Graphic Effect

Another take on the Polaroid effect. This time we're applying PowerPoint Pattern Fills combined with gradients to add texture to the photograph paper.

Here's how to create a Polaroid, page curl effect in PowerPoint

PowerPoint added the ability to edit and modify Bezier points. This gives designers many new options for customizing shapes. In this example, you'll learn to modify the points to create a drop shadow effect.

Creating a page curl sticker effect in PowerPoint 2010

Here's a quick way to create a page curl effect in PowerPoint 2010. Using Edit Points and simple shapes, you can create peeling label effect.

Creative Advertising Effect for Visual Foreshadowing in Rapid Elearning Courses - PowerPoint 2007

Learn to create a simple effect where you place a screenshot image inside a pair of sunglasses. Great effect for hinting at upcoming lessons or scenes in your elearning courses.

PhotoCube Effect - PowerPoint 2007

How to create a photo cube effect in PowerPoint for branching scenarios in your rapid elearning courses.

Silhouette Effect Using Wordle- PowerPoint 2007

How to create a photo wall effect in PowerPoint. Use as a design element in rapid elearning courses

Using Picture Fills to Fade Images - PowerPoint 2007

How to fade an image in PowerPoint - Fill shapes with pictures

More Ways Than One In PowerPoint


There are more ways than one to do the same tasks in PowerPoint and this PowerPoint tutorial will look at the various options you have.

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Customizing PowerPoint


This PowerPoint tutorial will show demonstrate how you can customize PowerPoint to work the way you do

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Using Guides In PowerPoint


This PowerPoint tutorial will demonstrate how to create multiple guides when laying out your PowerPoint slides

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Greyscale Preview In PowerPoint


Optimize your PowerPoint presentation to print or fax in Black & White without affecting the color

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Inserting Unique Symbols In PowerPoint


This PowerPoint tutorial will demonstrate how to insert copyright, trademark, monetary & other unique text symbols into PowerPoint

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