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Fireworks MX Selections and Masking

Fireworks MX Training CD


Fireworks MX: Selections & Masking Training CD-ROM

5+ hours of Video Training!
Over 50 QuickTime Tutorial Videos!

Completely Self-Paced! These QuickTime video tutorials are intended for beginning as well as existing users who want to learn more about creating masking and selecting effects in Fireworks.

Beginning with the basics of each selection and masking tool, you'll advance to production-based techniques for creating the most popular web site effects in Fireworks MX.

Version: Fireworks MX
Platform: Mac OS9/OSX & Windows
Running Time: 5+ hours
Format: 56 QuickTime® Videos
Price: $44.95



With our multimedia tutorials you'll learn the tricks and techniques professional designers use including:

  • Creating fading and feathered edges for images, graphics, and web banners
  • Using the Rubber Stamp tool to create special effects
  • Creating vignette effects using both bitmap selections and vector masks
  • Extending backgrounds of images to give your images a new perspective
  • Removing objects and people from their backgrounds
  • Replacing one object with another object
  • Changing the background color of a logo
  • Adding and subtracting from selections
  • Using the Pen tool to create precise vector masks and selections
  • Adding people and objects to images
  • Combining your selection tools to create more accurate and efficient selections
  • Using masking to create logo effects

Plus lots of useful tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently while creating your selections and masks in Fireworks MX!

Here's the course outline:


  • Marquee Basics Adding and Subtracting Selections
  • Anti-Alias Feathering
  • Expanding and Contracting Selections
  • Saving Selections
  • Selecting Inverse Selections for Easier Selections
  • Using the Paint Bucket Tool for Selecting
  • Cropping Selections
  • Cropping Basics
  • Cropping Selected Bitmaps
  • Lasso Tool Selections
  • Selecting Objects with the Lasso Tool
  • Creating a Depth of Field Effect via Selections
  • Layer Based Selections
  • Using the Layers Panel to Create Selections
  • Project: Letter Selecting
  • Magic Wand Selections
  • Project: Removing Backgrounds
  • Marquee Selections
  • Project: Extending Backgrounds v1
  • Project: Extending Backgrounds v2
  • Project: Fading Banners
  • Oval Marquee Selections
  • Project: Creating Perfect and Efficient Circular Selections
  • Project: Creating Vignettes and fades
  • Polygon Lasso Tool
  • Project: Hat Selections v1 (creative selections)
  • Project: Selecting Inverse
  • Rubber Stamp Tool
  • Basics and Settings
  • Project: Golfer
  • Project: Tennis Net
  • Project: Tennis Racket
  • Selecting Similar
  • Project: Logo Selection


  • Group As Mask / Clipping Masks
  • Pen tool for tracing
  • Project: Hat Selections v2 (knock out selections)
  • Multiple Masked Objects
  • Multiple Masking Objects
  • Masking Objects as Rounded Rectangles
  • Text Masking
  • Adding and Replacing Objects
  • Adding Objects to Masked Objects and Replacing Masks
  • Paste As Mask
  • Masking a Person Into an Existing Group of People
  • Paste Inside
  • Project: Pasting Graphics Into Objects
  • Vector Masking Projects
  • Logos
  • Paper Clip
  • Magic Wand
  • Fading Images


  • Group As Mask
  • Project: Text Shape Masking
  • Hiding and Revealing Selections
  • Paint Masking
  • Project: Lock and Gun
  • Project: Replacing Images
  • Paste As Mask
  • Paste Inside
  • Pasting Images Into Film Slides
  • Editing Masks
  • Hiding, Disabling, and Discarding Masks
  • Moving and Linking Masks
  • Fading Images
  • Blending Image Together
  • Changing Color from Black to White
  • Bitmap Feathering

Bonus Movies

  • Interactive Images
  • Exporting to Dreamweaver
  • Customizing Fireworks

Samples from the Fireworks MX: Selections & Masking Video Training CDROM:

Note: The following web based training movies have been compressed for web delivery. The movies on the CD are of a much higher quality in terms of both frame rates and audio quality.

Isolating Changing Color of an Object

Isolating and Changing the Color of an Object by Combining Selection Tools

Fireworks MX tutorial designed to help you learn to combine your selection tools to isolate difficult objects.

QuickTime | HTML


Using Masking to Replace One Object with Another

In this tutorial you'll learn to replace one object with another using masking.

QuickTime | HTML

Removing a solid colored background color

Removing an Image From a Solid Colored Background and Placing it Over A New Background

Learn how to remove an object or image from its current background and place it over a new background.

QuickTime | HTML



About the author:

David Anderson has been designing web based training and multimedia learning content since 1996.
A former tennis instructor, David now enjoys sharing his knowledge and love for teaching by assisting others in graphic, web and multimedia design through both web based training and classroom training.

David's casual teaching style, combined with his emphasis on real-world, project-based training, means you'll quickly learn techniques and skills you can immediately apply to your own projects.

Adobe Community Expert




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