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Dreamweaver: Show-Hide Layers

In this example we're going to take a look at using Layers and how you can use the Show-Hide Layers to create interactivity with menu items.

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Step 1: Defining a New Site

You should define a new site for this tutorial. If you need assistance on Defining Sites, click here to go through that lesson...It will only take 5 minutes and if you haven't already learned to Define Sites, it could possibly be the best 5 minutes you spend in Dreamweaver.

Step 2: Setting Up the Site

My site for this lesson is called "showhidelayers" and in this folder I have an index.html and 4 images: apple.jpg, banana.jpg, peaches.jpg, and strawberry.jpg.

  1. Create a new document and save it.
  2. Type out the following names for links: Apple | Banana | Peaches | Strawberry.


Setting Up the Site


Step 3: Creating a New Layer

  1. Click the Draw Layer button
  2. On the Objects Palette and drag out a new layer.
Creating a New Layer

Don't worry about the size of the layer or the positioning for now. We'll clean that up soon enough.

Step 4: Renaming Layer 1

  1. Go over to the Layers Palette and you'll notice "Layer 1" has been created. That's the layer you just created.
  2. Double click the "Layer 1" to rename the layer to "Apple"


Step 5: Inserting an Image in the Apple Layer

  1. Go back to the layer you just created and position your cursor inside the layer and click once.
  2. On the Objects Palette, click the Insert Image to insert an image into the layer. In this case, I'll insert the image: apple.jpg.

Here you'll see the apple positioned inside the layer.

Inserting an Image in the Apple Layer

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