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Step 10: Aligning the Layers

After Previewing in my Browser, I notice that the layers/images are kind of all over the place and not very cleanly organized. In this final section, we'll align our layers to be centered both horizontally and vertically to each other.

  1. Determine where you want the images to be. I'm going to use the center of the nav bar as a guide, and about an inch down.
  2. Make one of the layers visible by clicking on the layer. The layer will only be temporarily visible. We're just using it to assist us in determining where we want to align the layers.
  3. Click on the Apple layer and drag it into position.
  4. Once in position, notice the coordinates of the layer by going up to the Properties Inspector and making a note of the L (left) and T (top) numbers.
  5. In this example it is L:109 and T:57. Now, either remember the those number for the positioning or write it down (remember 2 numbers? no way!)
  6. Click away from the layer to deselect it.


Step 11: Repositioning the Banana Layer

  1. Select the next layer, in this case it's the Banana Layer. Don't worry about moving it
  2. Go up to the Properties Inspector and in the T and L fields, input the numbers you wrote down (or remembered) into their respective fields and hit enter.
  3. This moves it to the same position as the Apple Layer without having to fuss with moving it manually.

In case you wanted to manually move it, you can either drag the layer as you did with the Apple Layer or you can use your arrow keys to nudge it one pixel at a time.

That's basically it. Just repeat step 26 for the other two layers and you're finished!

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