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Step 6: Resizing the Layer

  1. Scale the layer to fit perfectly around the apple image.
  2. Move your cursor over the edges of the layer until you see the cursor change into a "hand". Once you see the "hand cursor", click once to select the layer. Once you've selected the layer, you'll notice the black selection handles. Move your cursor over the black selection handle until the cursor changes into a double-sided arrow.
  3. Grab the middle one on the right side and drag inward. This will scale the layer to the width of the image.
  4. Do the same thing for the bottom resize handle, dragging towards the center of the image.

You can also resize the layer to the size of the image numerically. Click once on the image and then go up to the Properties Inspector and in the image properties, note the width/height and input the values in the W and H fields (Width and Height).

Resizing the Layer

Step 7: Turning Off the Apple Layer's Visibility

  1. In the Layers Palette, click in the Eye-Icon Column for the Apple Layer..
  2. To hide the layer, click until you see the eye closed.


Turning Off the Apple Layer's Visibility

That's basically it. Repeat steps 5-11 for your remaining images. Once you've completed that, go on to the next step for next part of the lesson:)

Here's what my document/layers palette looks like with all four layers:

Turning Off the Apple Layer's Visibility

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