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Step 10: Editing the Frames

Delete Frame 10

This is necessary because both Frame 10 and Frame 1 have the text rotation in the same place which will cause the animation to play the same frame 2 times thus causing a slight pause in the animation. Be deleting Frame 1 we ensure every frame is played once.

Step 11: Exporting the Gif Animation

  1. In the Optimize Panel, select Gif Animation
  2. Export by going to File>Export...

Adjusting the Timing of the Animation

You can adjust how fast or slow the movie plays by adjusting the Frame Delay of each frame.

  1. Select all frames by shift-clicking on Frame 1 and shift clicking on the last frame. We want to apply the same timing to each frame to keep the animation playing smoothly.
  2. Click on the expander arrow and select Properties... from the drop down menu.
  3. The Frame Delay is specified in hundredths of a second so a setting of 50=a half second, 100=1 second, 200=2 seconds.
  4. Enter a value that suits your animation's needs.
  5. Test your animation again and make any further adjustments.





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