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Step 7: Creating the Shape Mask

  1. Select the sphere on Text Animation 1 layer by clicking once on it.
  2. Change the color of the circle to Black by changing the Fill from Radial to Solid. Fireworks MX: Make the circle white to complete this effect.
  3. Select the Knife Tool and cut the circle in half by dragging the Knife Tool across the path. Delete the top half of the circle.
  4. Lock the bottom 2 layers (Sphere and Text Animation)
  5. Select both objects on Text Animation 1 layer by clicking Command-A/Control-A to Select All.
  6. Mask the objects by going to Modify>Mask>Group as Mask

Step 8: Masking the objects to the remaining Frames

  1. Unlock the Sphere layer (keeping bottom Text Animation Layer locked)
  2. Select All (Command-A/Control-A) to select all objects on top 2 layers
  3. Group the selected objects by clicking Command-G/Control-G
  4. Copy the grouped objects by clicking Command-C/Control-C
  5. Click on Frame 2 on the Frames Panel and Paste the objects by clicking Command-V/Control-V.
  6. With the objects still selected, Ungroup them by Right Clicking on them and selecting Ungroup



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