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Step 6: Scaling the text animation

  1. Select the Scale Tool (Q)
  2. Drag the bottom-middle selection handle up to re-size the text.


Step 7: Organizing your layers

  1. Create a New Layer
  2. Rename the New Layer to Sphere and drag the Sphere object up to the Sphere Layer
  3. Rename Layer 1 to Text Animation. This layer will already have Animation Symbol on it.
  4. Duplicate the Text Animation Layer by clicking and dragging it on top of the New/Duplicate Layer button. Move this layer (Text Animation 1) to the top of the layers.
  5. Copy the Sphere by selecting it and clicking Command-C/Control-C
  6. Click on the Text Animation 1 (top layer) to select it and Paste the copied Sphere on that layer. Make sure it's on top of the Animation Symbol.



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