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Step 4: Creating the Text Animation

  1. Group the text by selecting it and clicking Command-G/Control-G
  2. Right Click on the text and select Animate > Animate Selection... from the drop down menu.
  3. Change the number of Frames from 5 to 10
  4. Change Direction to 0
  5. Set the Rotation to 360°
  6. Click OK

After you click OK, Fireworks will give you a popup window. Click OK to add the Frames.

Step 5: Creating the Sphere

  1. Select the Ellipse Tool
  2. Hold down the Shift Key and click and drag to draw out a circle.
  3. Apply the gradient by changing the Solid Fill to Radial Fill on the Fill Panel
  4. Select White for the left Color Swatch and any other color for the right Color Swatch
  5. Adjust the gradient by clicking on the circle and adjusting the Gradient Handles

At this point, you will have your sphere and the text animation. In the next section, you'll create the 3D effect by masking the text and the sphere.

You can test it by Previewing in Browser (F12). Make sure you set your Optimize to Animated Gif.

When you preview it, you'll notice the sphere disappears after the first frame and the text is spinning madly. Hang in there, we'll take care of that soon:-)



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