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Step 7: Duplicating the Colored Hat

  1. Once you've created the selection to your liking, copied and pasted it on its own layer, and colorized it, you're ready to complete the project.
  2. Select Layer 2 (the layer with the colored hat on it)
  3. Duplicate the layer 2 times
  4. Select each hat object and adjust its color by double clicking the Hue/Saturation effect setting in the Property Inspector. When we duplicated the layer the Effect got duplicated with it. All we have to do is change each objects color effect to a new color setting.

You now have a way to preview the woman in several different colored hats.

Did you know?
You can create exactly the same effect in Fireworks MX using a vector mask? Did you know that vector masks give you more flexibility in editing than work paths in Phtoshop? Did you also know that the vector mask will allow you to modify your image without destroying it?

If you'd like to see this same lesson created using a vector mask and to find out why vector masks are the preferred way for creating selections in Fireworks MX, check out CBT Cafe's Selections and Masking Techniques Training CD.


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