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Step 3: Switching Between Tools

Next, we're ready to begin using the Lasso Tool (L) to continue with our selection.

  1. Select the Lasso Tool (L)
  2. Set the Edge to Anti-Alias
  3. Click and hold down the Alt Key again to bring up the minus sign next to the Lasso Tool
  4. Begin drawing your selection around the woman's hat and face with the Alt Key pressed

As you draw, remember to switch the Alt key back and forth with the Shift key. When you first start creating your selection you'll be "subtracting" from the selection you created with the loose selection you created.

As you create your selection you'll inevitably "go to far" and need to modify your last action. You can use Control-Z or Command-Z to Undo your last action or you can simply switch between the Alt and Shift keys.

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