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Remember to select Anti-Alias for the Edge and try to separate the pixels between what you're selecting and excluding. The Anti-Alias edge will keep the separation softer.

Step 4: Saving Your Selection

Once you're satisfied with your selection, it's a good idea to save it. This is very helpful for this type of selection since it's taken a fair amount of time to create.

With the selection still active, do one of the following:

  • Right-Click anywhere in the canvas and select Save Selection from the drop down menu
  • Go up to Select>Save Bitmap Selection

This means that as long as you save your current document and close out of Fireworks the selection is saved with it. The next time you open the file, you can double click on the image and then right click in the canvas and select Restore Selection and the selection will be restored and active.

This is especially helpful when you're first creating selections as you won't always know how good or bad of a selection you created until you modify it. In the next step, we're going to copy the selection and modify it. If the selection we copy and modify isn't the best selection, we can delete it and restore the selection for further modifying.

Step 5: Copying and Modifying the Selection

With the selection still active:

  1. Click Control-C or Command-C to copy the selection
  2. Click the Escape Key to deselect the selection. Optionally, you can click Control-D or Command-D to deselect or click the Exit Bitmap Mode button to exit and deselect
  3. Create a New Layer and Paste the copied selection on that layer.
  4. Lock the bottom layer temporarily to prevent it from getting selected.
  5. Turn off the bottom layer's visibility

This looks like a good selection but we will have a better idea of just how good it is after we colorize it and toggle its visibility with the bottom layer visible.

Step 6: Adjusting the Copied Hat's Color

  1. With the hat selected, click on the Effects drop-down menu in the Property Inspector and select Adjust Color>Hue Saturation...
  2. In the pop-up window, select the Colorize button and adjust the sliders to colorize the hat. In this example I'm changing the color to red.
  3. Turn the visibility back on for the bottom layer
  4. Toggle the visibility of the 2nd layer on and off to view the colorized hat over the bottom hat

At this point, if your selection is the way you like it, you're ready for the final step.

It's possible, however, you didn't quite make the perfect selection the first time and will need to return to your selection and make further edits. To restore and modify your original selection:

  1. Delete Layer 2 with the colored hat since we're going to create a new one.
  2. Unlock Layer 1 and double-click the image
  3. Right click and select Restore Selection from the drop down menu
  4. Make the necessary modifications to your selection by adding and subtracting from the selection as you did earlier
  5. Save your selection again to keep your latest changes as you did in Step 4
  6. Continue from Step 5 to copy and paste your new selection



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