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Dreamweaver MX: Creating Pop Up Windows from Text Links

Version: Dreamweaver MX
Level: Basic
Objectives: To learn to create and open pop up windows from text links in Dreamweaver MX using the Open Browser Window behavior
Tools & Techniques: Behaviors, Open Browser Window, JavaScript, Pop Up Windows, Null Links
Preview: Open new window

Step 1: Creating a Null Link

If you've ever tried to apply the Open Browser Window behavior to normal text, you would have noticed the behavior is not available. That's because Dreamweaver MX requires you to first apply a null link to the text. The null link is basically a link that goes nowhere. but it allows you to apply the Dreamweaver behaviors

  1. Select the text you want to open the pop up window
  2. In the Property Inspector, type "javascript:void(0)" into the Link field:
Property Inspector

You're now ready to apply the behavior

Step 2: Applying the Open Browser Window Behavior

  1. Select the image you want to open a new window
  2. With the image selected, go to your Behaviors Panel and click the plus (+) sign to open the drop down menu
  3. Select the Open Browser Window action to bring open the dialog window
  4. Type in the name of the file with the correct extention (.htm, .html, etc) or, better yet, use the Browse to file button to locate the file.
  5. Enter the width and the height of the window
  6. If you want the window to pop up without any attributes, leave the remaining options blank
  7. Click OK to close the window and apply the settings

That's all there is to it. The most important part to remember is to first create null links before trying to add the Dreamweaver behavior to the text.




Pop Up window resources
Here's a small collection of resources to enhance your popup windows. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.


Open Picture Window Fever
This is a useful behavior that will automatically detect the size of the image and resize the pop up window accordingly.


Advanced Open Window 3.0
One of the most advanced ways to open a new window, this behavior will let you do just about anything with the window you're opening.


Popup Windows in Flash
A Flash tutorial on creating popup windows from Flash movies.




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