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Step 5: Customizing your buttons

After you've satisfactorily arranged your buttons, it's time to customize them. You can use either HTML or Text buttons or use custom, pre-built graphic buttons.

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  1. Your first option, Cells is where you choose to use HTML or Images for your buttons. I prefer to use the HTML option for cells as it creates a smaller file size for the buttons.
  2. Font choices are limited to default fonts to help ensure compatibility across platforms.
  3. Up and Over states can be modified. The Preview window is a good way to preview your choices before making any final decisions.
  4. Click Finish once you've decided on your selections.


Step 6: Previewing Your Menus

Take a moment to Save your page and Preview your buttons in your browser by clicking F12.

I notice immediately that my buttons are going off to the side and covering the Contact button. In the next steps, I'll show you how to modify the position of your menus.

Step 7: Modifying Your Menus

  1. Returning to your canvas, click on the button you added the menus to. In my case, it's the Services button. You'll notice the outline of the menu.
  2. Move your cursor over the menu until the Hand cursor appears.
  3. You can now drag the menu position around the canvas to reposition it.

You can also edit your menus to make any necessary changes

  1. To edit the menu, move your cursor over the Menu Outline.
  2. Double click the outline to bring open the Set Pop-Up Menu window.
  3. Make any changes you need to in this window and click Finish to exit the window.


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