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Dreamweaver: Web Photo Album

If you have a group of pictures you want to put up on the web quickly, this nifty feature is just for you. Dreamweaver will process a group of images and index them as thumbnails as well as put each full sized image on it's own page with navigation.

NOTE: You will need to have Fireworks installed to do create the Web Photo Album.

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Open a new document
  2. Save your docment

Step 2: Create the Web Photo Album

  1. Go up to Commands>Create Web Photo Album...
  2. Enter Album Title Info. This will go at the top of the web page.
  3. Enter Subheading and Other Info if desired. These will be under the Title.
  4. Click the Browse... button to navigate to your source images
  5. Click Browse... to choose the destination folder
  6. Choose a Thumbnail Size by clicking the drop down menu
  7. You can choose to have the file name of each image displayed by selecting the "Show Filenames" option
  8. Columns is the number of columns for the thumbnails
  9. Choose a format for Thumbnails
  10. Choose a format for Photos
  11. If you want to scale your images do so by inputting a percentage value in the Scale Field
  12. If you want a navigation bar for each page (text based) select the last option
  13. Click OK to create the album

Step 3: Processing the images

Fireworks will open and begin processing both the thumbnails and the images. When it's completed, you'll get a dialog window telling you the album was created.



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