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Dreamweaver: Advanced Open Browser Window v.2.0

Extension Author: George Petrov
Download the Extension: www.udzone.net/go?197

George Petrov's new extension is one of the best ways for opening new windows in Dreamweaver 4. It not only offers the normal features of opening new windows such as window dimensions, but also offers some extra features that give you more control over the new window such as the window's position on screen. If you want your new window to be centered or to either side of the screen you can do so with the click of a button. You also have control over how long the window remains open by setting the Auto Close feature. A nifty feature in some cases.

Step 1: Applying the Behavior to an Object

To apply the Behavior to text, you'll need to first make that text a Null Link. Do so by typing the pound sign (#) or javascript: void(0) in the link field in the Properties Inspector.

Applying the Behavior to an Object
  1. With either the text or the image selected, go to the Behaviors Panel (Windows>Behaviors) and select Advanced Open Window 2.0. Most likely this will be the first behavior in your list.
  2. This brings up the dialog window:
Applying the Behavior to an Object


Step 2: Specifying your new window's information

  1. URL to Display: This is the location (relative or absolute) of the new window you're opening. If it's an absolute location, type it in the field. It's a good idea to include the "http://". If it's a relative link you can type in the path OR better, use the "Browse..." button to navigate to the file. Browsing for the file rather than typing in the link will help ensure you get the path to the file correct.
  2. Window Name: It's a good idea to name the window. You can name it anything you like. Just make sure not to include spaces or special characters.
  3. Dimensions: Specify the Width and Height for the new window in pixels. If no window size is specified, the new window will open at the same size as the window that opened it.
  4. Window Position On Screen: Select where you want the new window to popup. Just select a radio button to change the position.
  5. Navigation Toolbar: Select this option if you want the window to display the Forward, Backward, Stop, etc. buttons in your window.
  6. Location Toolbar: This is the area that displays the path or location the page is located.
  7. Status Bar: This is the area of the window that displays information such as load time, and custom messages appear. This is located at the bottom of the browser window.
  8. Always on Top: Selecting this option will keep the popup window in front of the other windows. NOTE: Any forms on your popup window won't work because the window gets selected all the time - so the fields loose focus.
  9. Menu Bar: If you check this option the new window will contain the menu items: File, Edit, View, Go, etc.
  10. Scrollbars as Needed: Selecting this option will allow scrollbars to be present if the content in the new window exceeds the dimensions you set for the popup window size. If you are creating a new window that matches the same size as its contents you wouldn't need to select this option since there wouldn't be any content to scroll.
  11. Resize handles: Select this option if you want to allow the window to be manually resized the window by dragging the bottom right corner of the window or by clicking on the Maximize button.
  12. Ignore Current Link: If you specified a null link by typing in "#" or "javascript: void(0)" and don't want the main document to refresh itself, select this option.
  13. Auto Close After _ Secs: If you want the new window to close after a set amount of time, enter a value (in seconds) in this field.

Internet Explorer 4+ Only (Does not produce errors in Netscape)

  1. Open Full Screen: Check this option will open the new window to a size that fills up the viewers screen.
  2. Open Borderless (Splash Screen): Checking this option and your window will open without a border or any of the menus.



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