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Dreamweaver: Adding An E-Mail Link

One of the more basic yet important aspects of a webpage is an e-mail link. Using an e-mail link will launch the user's default e-mail program.

  1. Create with a new document
  2. Click Insert E-mail Link button on the Objects Palette. The Insert E-mail Dialog Box.
  1. Now enter the text you want to be the e-mail link. For this example I'll input "information". The text can be anything, it's just a link.

In the e-mail field, enter the exact e-mail address: info@cbtcafe.com


There is another way to insert the e-mail link. I generally prefer this way. I find it easier to go back through my document and highlight any text that will be used for e-mail links.

Step 1. Type out any text you like. A sentence will do in our case: "For more information click here."

Step 2. Now, we'll make the "here" part the link that launches the e-mail

Step 3. Next, just click and drag to highlight the word "here".

Step 4. For the final step, go up to the Properties Inspector and in the Link field, type: mailto:info@cbtcafe.com.

Notice the "mailto" in front of the e-mail address. This is the same code generated from the Insert E-mail Link.

If we look at the code generated you can see how Dreamweaver handles the e-mail link. In both cases the same HTML was generated.



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