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Cleaner 5: Adding Files to be Batch Processed

In this lesson you'll learn to add files to be batch processed in Cleaner 5. Batch Processing is a powerful feature that enables you to process large quantities of files quickly by dragging and dropping the files to into the Batch window.

Adding the files to the Batch Window

There are several ways to add your files to be Batch Processed:

  • Drag and drop selected files to the Batch Window
  • Drag Folders to the Batch Window. Cleaner 5 will process all the readable files in the folder so it's a good idea to organize your folder to include only the files you want processed in the batch. Alliteratively, you can remove files from the Batch Window after they've been added. To availed this extraneous step, it's a good idea to keep a folder for only the files you intend on processing.
  • File>Add Files to Batch...and browse and select the files you want to add.
  • Right-Click in the Batch Window and select Add Files to Batch... from the drop down menu.



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