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Photoshop CS3: Custom Hi-Tech Grid

Version: Photoshop CS3 and earlier
Level: Easy
Objectives: Photoshop tutorial for creating custom pattern
Tools & Techniques: pattern, grid, special effects

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Open a new document and make it around 15x15
  2. You'll want to experiment with this size to create various size grids

Getting Started

Step 2: Filling with Color

The color you choose will be the grid line

  1. Select the Paint Bucket Tool
  2. Select a Foreground Color
  3. Click once on the canvas to fill with the selected Foreground color
  4. Select All

Filling with Color


Filling with Color 2


Step 4: Positioning the Selection

  1. Move the selection down and to the right.
  2. Using the Arrow keys on your keyboard, nudge the selection over one pixel to the right and one pixel down
Positioning the Selection

Step 5: Filling the Selection

Once you've nudged it over and down, fill it with Black or any other color you want to use as the background for the grid.

Filling the Selection

Step 6: Defining as Pattern

  1. Select All by clicking Cmd-A/Ctrl-A
  2. Go up to Edit>Define Pattern...
  3. Give the new grid a name: grid--new
Define Pattern

Step 7: Applying the Custom Pattern

  1. Create a new canvas 400x400
  2. Edit>Fill... and choose Pattern from the dialog box
  3. Select the Pattern you just defined: grid--new
Select Pattern

And that's it! You now have a pretty cool background to play with.

Final Grid



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