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Rearranging Your Steps:

Let's say that after I added the "Sharpen" step, I decided I wanted the Sharpen filter to be applied before I resized my image. In this case, it's just a matter of clicking and dragging to rearrange my steps.

  1. Click the Sharpen step and drag it just above the Image Size step
  2. Release the Sharpen step when you see the black line between the Image Size and Set Background steps
Rearranging Your Steps

Deleting A Step From Your Action:

Now, after all that adding and rearranging, I decided that I really don't like the Sharpen filter in this action and I want to delete it.

  1. Click the step you want to delete. In this example, I want to delete the Sharpen step.
  2. Click the Delete button to remove the step
Deleting A Step From Your Action


I hope this lesson was helpful in understanding how to begin creating your own actions. For even more automation, assign a Function Key to automatically apply your action to your current image.

New Action



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