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Flash: Using Motion Guides

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Level: Easy

This Flash tutorial is a good start for learning to create Motion Guides and tweening in Flash 5.

Step 1: Getting Started

Begin by making sure the Snap button is selected. Attaching graphics to motion guides is really painful without this feature turned on. To turn it on, click the Magnet tool in the Toolbox.

Snap feature

Step 2: Setting Up the Stage

  1. Place a graphic on the stage. I'm using the space shuttle for this example.
  2. Rename the layer to the name of your graphic. In my case, the I'll rename the layer to "Shuttle"
  3. Add a keyframe at Frame 30 or anywhere else in the timeline you like
  4. With your Shuttle layer selected, right click and select Add Motion Guide from the drop down menu

Step 3: Creating the Path

The guide layer is now set and you know this because it says "Guide:" and has inherited the name of the layer you set the motion guide to.

On the Guide layer (Guide: Shuttle) draw out a line of any shape. This will be the path the graphic follows. I general use the pencil tool with the mode set to Smooth.

Don't worry about things like the color of the line as the guide layer WILL NOT be seen when you publish your movie. Here's how my guide looks:

As you can see, the path can be any shape you like. Get creative with it.

Part 1 | Part 2



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