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Flash: Creating Drop Shadows

Step 1: Type out some Text

  1. Select the Type Tool or press the T key on your keyboard.
  2. Click in the document and type out some text.

Step 2: Copy the text

  1. Click the text once to select it
  2. Click Command-C/Control-C to copy it

Step 3: Create a new layer

Click once on the Insert Layer button to create the new layer

Step 4: Paste the text on the new layer

  1. Click on Frame 1 of the new layer you just created
  2. Click Command-Shift-V/Control-Shift-V to Paste In Place. This will paste the text in the same spot as it is in the bottom layer.

Step 5: Reposition the text on Layer 1

  1. Click once on Layer 1 to select the layer
  2. Using the arrow keys on you keyboard, nudge the text down and to the right.
  3. Change the color of the text to a light to medium gray

Step 6: Break the text apart

With the text on Layer 1 still selected, click Command-B/Control-B to break it apart.

Step 7: Modify the Text

  1. Go up to Modify>Shape>Soften Fill Edges
  2. Set the Distance to 1
  3. Set the Steps to 2

And the Final Effect:



We've added 4 New Movies to our Flash 5 source files cd! These include detailed videos on:

1. Tell Target/With
2. Dynamic Text 1
3. Dynamic Text 2
4. Animated Fly Out menu Part 2

About the CDROM:
These movies are the SAME content found in our Flash 5 tutorials, but the quality is clearly better than the streaming, web-compressed format we have online with Frame Rates up to 20 TIMES FASTER and CD-ROM quality AUDIO!

More Info...




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