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Customizing Flash 5

After you've been using Flash for a while, you'll find that you have specific routines or tasks that you use often that aren't assigned a hot key. I, for example, use the Scale Tool all the time. It's probably one of the most used tools for me but unfortunately, there's no Hot Key for it. Well, you can program your own Flash Hot Keys. We'll walk you through that in this lesson.

Step 1: Edit the Keyboard Shortcuts

Open the Shorcuts window by going up to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts...

Step 2: Create your own Set

  1. Click the Duplicate Set button
  2. Enter a new name for your set
  3. Click on the Command you want to create
  4. In this example, I clicked on Modify>Transform>Scale
  5. Click in the + sign or double click the command you want to change
  6. Click in the Press Key field and enter the key combinations you want to assign for the command
  7. If you get a notice telling you the shortcut is unavailable, try another key combination
  8. I chose F3 for Scale and F4 for Rotate
Flash 5 Shortcuts Panel

Step 3: Remember your shortcuts

Make sure you write down your new shortcuts or make a mental note of them. You can always go back and edit them if you need to.



We've added 4 New Movies to our Flash 5 source files cd! These include detailed videos on:

1. Tell Target/With
2. Dynamic Text 1
3. Dynamic Text 2
4. Animated Fly Out menu Part 2

About the CDROM:
These movies are the SAME content found in our Flash 5 tutorials, but the quality is clearly better than the streaming, web-compressed format we have online with Frame Rates up to 20 TIMES FASTER and CD-ROM quality AUDIO!

More Info...




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