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Continuous Looping Graphic

Source Files: Download
Level: Easy
Version: 4,5

This next effect is another one of my favorite effects! The looping background effect.
In this example we’re going to create a looping space background, however, the same effect could be applied to any other type of background effect such as a snowing or raining background, moving clouds, or any other background effect where you want to create the illusion of continuous movement.

We’ll create the effect by creating 2 versions of the same background and then animating them in a way that creates the “continuous” looping effect.

Step 1: Create the space background

  1. Begin by creating a simple black rectangle
  2. Make the rectangle a little larger than the movie and convert it to a graphic (F8)
  3. Select the Pencil Tool and draw out some white dots on the rectangle to resemble stars

Step 2: Set up the space graphic

  1. Duplicate your graphic by selecting it and then copying (Control-C / Command-C)
  2. Paste the graphic you just copied by pressing (Control-V / Command-V)
  3. Line the two graphics up side by side. You should use the Align Top Edge or Align Bottom Edge in the Align Panel to ensure the graphics line up evenly. Then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to one of the graphics over until they are just touching.
  4. Select all (Control-A/Command-A) and make both graphics a new graphic (F8)

Step 3: Create the Motion Tween

  1. Create a keyframe at Frame 30
  2. Right Click anywhere in the timeline between Frame 1 and Frame 30 and select Create Motion Tween
  3. While still on Keyframe 30, shift-drag the graphic to the left so that the outline of the second image aligns with the position of the first image. Use the outline of the graphic as a visual guide and line it up with the guides you placed on the movie. NOTE: pay special attention to the stars and how they line up. They will be your best indication that you've lined the graphic up exactly where the first graphic was.

Step 4: Insert a Keyframe at Frame 29

  1. Click on Frame 29
  2. Create a keyframe by pressing F6.
  3. Delete Frame 30. This is to prevent the movie from playing the same frame twice when the movie repeats.

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