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Fireworks: TV Scan Lines

This popular image effect is now easier than ever in Fireworks 4

Step 1: Getting Started

Open an image or graphic. You can apply the effect to either an image or a graphic.

Step 2: Creating a Textured Rectangle

  1. Draw out a Rectangle using the Rectangle Tool.
  2. Be sure to cover the entire image. Don't worry if the rectangle is larger than the image as it will be automatically cropped when you export.

Step 3: Applying the Texture

  1. In the Fill Panel, select the Texture option and select Line-Horiz 3.
  2. You can try the other Line-Horiz for different effects.

Step 4: Adjusting the Opacity

  1. In the Layer Panel adjust the Opacity to around 30.
  2. You can also try different colors for the Fill. This will depend on your own image so play around with it. There you go:)



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