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Fireworks: Creating Triangles

3 different ways to create triangles

First Way:

  1. Double-click the Polygon Tool to bring up the Tool Options.
  2. Set the Sides to 3
  3. Draw out your Triangle.

Second Way:

Step 1. Draw a Square

  1. Select the Rectangle Tool
  2. Holding down the Shift Key, drag out a square. Holding down the Shift Key while you drag constrains the shape to a perfect square.

Step 2. Skew the square

  1. Select the Skew Tool,
  2. Click and drag the top right corner down toward the bottom right corner. As you skew the side, you'll notice the bottom right corner will move upwards.
  3. When the 2 corners meet, stop dragging.

Here's your Triangle:

Third Way:

Step 1. Turn on the Grid

  1. If your grid isn't already visible, turn it on by going up to Edit>Grid>Show Grid.
  2. Make sure Snap to Grid is also turned on (Edit>Grid>Snap to Grid).

Step 2. Draw the triangle

  1. Using the Pen Tool, draw out your triangle using the grid as your guideline.
  2. For even more precise triangles, hold down the Shift Key as you draw out the triangles.

Step 3. Hide the grid or copy the image and paste where you need it.



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