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Step 7: Creating the Second Animation

  1. Click on the last Frame of your current animation. In this example, that would be Frame 18 since that's how many frames were created for the first text animation.
  2. Type out some new text at the point where the first text faded to 0% Opacity.


Step 8: Animating the New Text

  1. Go up to Modify>Animate>Animate Selection... the same way you did earlier.
  2. Change the Direction. This time a value of 90 was used since we want the animation to travel Upwards this time.

You don't have to figure out the Direction in this window. Most often it's easier to leave the Direction at the default setting and modify it in the document by dragging the red or green selection handles.

Click OK once you have the settings you like. The alert will come up again telling you that more frames will be added.

Step 9: Testing the Animation

Using the Play button at the bottom of your document test your animation.

You can also access both of the animations you created in the Library Panel (Window>Library).

Step 10: Optimizing and Exporting

In the Optimize Panel, click Animated Gif and export.

This animation is a bit large because of the number of Frames. You'll always be faced with the challenge of including enough frames to make the animation play smoothly while still respecting file size. Generally, an animation of 10 Frames will work best.

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