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Fireworks MX: Changing the Color of a Bitmap Image

Version: Fireworks MX
Level: Easy-Medium
Objectives: In this lesson we want to select part of an image for the purpose of changing its color.
Tools & Techniques: Feathered edges, Magic Wand, Marquee Tools, Basic Selection Techniques, Lasso Tool, Adjusting Image Color

Step 1: Creating the Selection

  1. Using the Zoom Tool (Z) to zoom in close to the object you're going to select.
  2. While you can use any of the selection tools for this example: Lasso, Magic Wand, or Marquee Tools, I prefer to use the Oval Marquee Tool.
  3. Select the Oval Marquee Tool.
  4. In the Property Inspector set the Edge to Feather with an Amount of 4
  5. Holding down the Shift Key, drag an oval selection around one of the yolks
  6. Before you release the mouse button, press the Space Bar as you continue to hold down the Shift Key and drag the selection to reposition it over the yolk. This is a great feature included in Fireworks MX that allows you to modify the position of your selection while still creating it.
  7. Continue dragging in or out to resize your selection. If you need to reposition your selection again just hold down the space bar (while still holding down the shift key) and drag your selection where you want it.

NOTE: You don't need to hold down the Shift key. I'm doing it in this example because the egg yolks are near perfect circles. More than likely I will need to go in and use the Lasso Tool to modify the selection.

Modifying the Selection

Step 2: Modifying the Selection

If you notice, part of the yolk is indented in the bottom left corner and as a result, there is a little more white inside the selection that we'd probably like. To be honest, the feathering takes care of most of that and when we view the image at 100% it's really not discernable. But, since we're working with Selections we should go by the book on this one and bring up the Lasso Tool (L) to go in and remove that extra bit of white from our selection.

  1. Select your Lasso Tool (L) by clicking the L key.
  2. Set the Lasso Tool's edge to Anti-Alias in the Property Inspector.
  3. Hold down the Alt key to bring up the Minus sign next to the Lasso Tool to indicate we'll be subtracting from our selection.
  4. Click and drag a small selection around the white area inside the original selection.
Using the Lasso Tool

And the selection after the Lasso Tool (L):

Finished Fireworks Selection

Step 3: Changing the Color

Now the easy part: changing the color.

  1. Go up to Xtras>Adjust Color>Hue/Saturation...
  2. Check the Colorize button above the Preview button. Make sure Preview is selected to preview your changes in real time.
  3. Adjust the sliders for Hue, Saturation, and Lightness to create the new color.
Changing the Color

And your final image:

Final Image

Did you know...
You can also modify selected parts of a larger, more detailed image, for example, change the color of a person's shirt or hat using selections. To find out more about creating selections, click here.





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