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Step 5. Select the Paint Bucket Tool to bring up the Gradient adjustment handles and modify the gradient like the image below.

Next, select the Rectangle Tool and draw out a thin rectangle from the top of the circle to the bottom.

Your fill may still be set to Radial after you draw the rectangle. If so go back to the Fill palette and select Solid from the drop down menu.

Step 6. Okay, now apply a bevel to the rectangle.

Step 7. Adjust your settings to match those in the image below.

Step 8. That's basically it. You can add a drop shadow to the circle to give it a more realistic look:

Step 9. Group the circle and the rectangle and reduce the size a bit and you now have a quick and cool looking screw.

Step 10. Play around with different shapes to substitute for the rectangle to create different types of screws:


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