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Fireworks: Creating a Rounded Corner on Rectangles

In another example, we demonstrated how to create a rounded corner on a JPG image using masking. In this example, we'll create a similar effect on a vector shape using the Crop Command.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a single rounded corner on a vector rectangle.

Step 1: Creating the rectangles

  1. Select the Rectangle Tool and draw out a rectangle. This will be the rectangle you apply the rounded corner to.
  2. Draw another rectangle over your first shape but this time make it a rounded rectangle. I changed the color for the second rectangle only to help distinguish the two shapes. The color you choose won't affect the results as it does in masking.
  3. Start drawing from the top left corner of the bottom rectangle and keep drawing until the outline preview is larger than the first rectangle.
  4. Be sure to make the second rectangle large enough that only ONE rounded corner is overlapping the bottom rectangle.
  5. While holding down the mouse button, use your Up/Down arrow keys to adjust the roundness of the corners.
  6. When you have the corners where you like them, release the mouse button to complete your shape.

NOTE: To ensure only one corner is rounded make sure you draw the second rectangle large enough that the other three corners are not overlapping the bottom rectangle.


Step 2: Creating the Rounded Corner

  1. Select both objects (Command-A/Control-A)
  2. Go up to Modify>Combine>Crop

Final Shape:



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