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Ripped and Torn Edge Effect

This is a cool special effect that gives your images the appearance they have been torn or ripped (hence the title.)

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Begin with a new image
  2. Enter Bitmap Mode. Double click the image to enter Bitmap Mode
  3. Select the Lasso Tool
  4. With the Lasso Tool, draw out the edges along one of the sides of the image.
  5. Continue along the entire side and close the selection.

Step 2: Deleting the Selection

  1. Once the selection is complete, click Delete to remove the selection.
  2. If your background is transparent, change the Canvas Color (Modify>Canvas Color) or create a new layer and place it beneath the image with a filled rectangle on it.

Variations: You can use the Hard Edge or the Feathered Edge for the Lasso Tool. To get to the Tool options, double click the Lasso Tool and select the edge you want.

Final Image:



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