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Step 5: Adding the Text

  1. Type out some text for the button.
  2. Add a Drop Shadow to the text (Effects Panel: Shadow and Glow>Drop Shadow)
  3. Move the text below the top Bitmap shape (this is the white shape created in Step 4)
  4. Center the text. The top of the text should be slightly covered by the top reflection shape you created

If the top reflection isn't covering any of the text, click it to select it and select the Scale Tool and resize it a little so it is large enough to drop over the text.

Step 6: Applying the Final Touches

  1. Select the bottom Pill Shape. This is the shape with the Linear Gradient applied to it. It should be the bottom object on your Layer (or the bottom Layer if you placed each object on its own layer)
  2. Apply a Drop Shadow to the shape. Below are the settings I used:

Step 7: Adding the Background

  1. Create a New Layer.
  2. Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle over your canvas.
  3. Apply a Fill color of light gray.
  4. Set the Texture to Line Horizontal-3 and set the Amount to 100%.


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