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Creating Grungy Edges

Step 1: Creating the Mask

  1. Open an image in Fireworks
  2. Using the Pen Tool, draw out a border around your image. The less even it is the better. You want to create an uneven, jagged stroke.
  3. Once you've completed the path, fill it with black.

Step 2: Creating the Grunge

  1. Select the Stroke Panel and start experimenting with the different strokes.
  2. Use combinations of textures and strokes to create your rough, grungy edge to your shape. Below are the options I used:

Step 3: Finishing the Effect

  1. Select All (Command-A/Control-A).
  2. Go to Modify>Group as Mask to complete the effect.

If you aren't satisfied with your effect, simply right click on your image and select Ungroup and continue modifying your stroke as you did before. Experimentation is the key in this effect. After you've selected a new stroke, select all again and repeat the mask.

Options: Try applying a Gaussian Blur to your shape before you mask it or create several different strokes, group them, and then mask them over your image. There are lots of possibilities here:-)



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