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Step 11. The path is VERY important. This is how you will reference the files in your listings. Generally, you should automatically be logged into your site's root directory. Navigate to the folder on the left side where your images are.

Step 12. Next, make a folder on the remote server by right-clicking in the panel on the right and select "Make New Directory..."

Step 11. Give your new folder a name. I created a folder called ebay then I created a folder inside that folder called images. The path looks like this: http://www.cbtcafe.com/ebay/images/. I also have my lesson folders for these tutorials in there. Images is the folder where I upload my images. Easy to remember, huh?

So, if I uploaded an image called car.jpg and I wanted to show that image in my ebay listing, the path would be:

http://www.cbtcafe.com/ebay/images/car.jpg. I've highlighted the parts of the URL below.

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